A Form with some weird norm

Next i know is i am filling forms for Diploma in Computer Engineering….

In whole Mumbai all i knew is a single college which was near to my house. So the struggling part started from this point. I was not at all worried that how will i get an admission in a college which such low percentage , instead i was excited that i’ll be getting a laptop !

It seemed that i choose Engineering so that i could get an laptop… Imagine the level of stupidness… So phone calls , references, suggestions, meetings all started at much a massive speed that i really could grasp most out of it. I then started realizing that stage -1 of growing up has begun.

I had to take a decision that which college should i go for; and the weirdest part was they dint ask me whether i really want to do it or not!  I really dint knew what am i suppose to do so i preferred to just go with the flow… and the series of mistakes began.

I needed help but all i got is help to fill the form which had weird detailed questions. I still remember there was a column which asked are you “married or single ” It was so weird…

And the day arrived…my very first day in college life…


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