A Form with some weird norm

Next i know is i am filling forms for Diploma in Computer Engineering….

In whole Mumbai all i knew is a single college which was near to my house. So the struggling part started from this point. I was not at all worried that how will i get an admission in a college which such low percentage , instead i was excited that i’ll be getting a laptop !

It seemed that i choose Engineering so that i could get an laptop… Imagine the level of stupidness… So phone calls , references, suggestions, meetings all started at much a massive speed that i really could grasp most out of it. I then started realizing that stage -1 of growing up has begun.

I had to take a decision that which college should i go for; and the weirdest part was they dint ask me whether i really want to do it or not!  I really dint knew what am i suppose to do so i preferred to just go with the flow… and the series of mistakes began.

I needed help but all i got is help to fill the form which had weird detailed questions. I still remember there was a column which asked are you “married or single ” It was so weird…

And the day arrived…my very first day in college life…


Journey of an Engineer…

Let me paint you a picture… a real picture in fact


Age 15

Financial status:Rs 20/day pocket money.

Mental status: I am rich.

So when i was dreaming and praying that ” saala SSC khatam ho aur college start ho”; and the reason was so that i can get rid of school uniform and wear good cloths. And every guys rebel ; to keep ‘fancy hairstyle’. Guys from convent school will understand the struggle.

And after enjoying the most awaited vacation  (at least at that time) and after the results were out; questions started bombarding from every possible corner and voice, “Kya lega ? science!? commerce he lega na..? ya arts!”

While my Parents were gathering  donation money , oh sorry i forgot to mention i belong to a Gujarati community; I was busy trying all the funks like Dragon print pants, Goa print shirts, EdHardy tshirts, Converse snickers, listening to teen sensation Justin Biebers first song ‘Baby’. Things started getting serious; at least for my parents and more than them for my relatives.

Me and my best buddy were suppose to take the same field . That “tu mera bhai hai” waala phase… when you update your best friend as brother on Facebook and everywhere possible. Orkut was flooded with photos together. Updating your every move on social media after coming home as I dint had a smart phone. Feeling on top of the world when you hangout with yours friends at McDonald. That phase cant be named or defined.

Life was sorted , hanging out with girls and besties. And best part was we dint knew what field to choose but we and a proper description of what kinda girl we wanted to date.

So from no where one uncle comes and says ” issey engineering karao ….bahut scope hai” which convinced my parents. And i am sure this line has ruined many happy souls…

Next i know is i am filling forms for Diploma in Computer Engineering….

What happened next i’ll post on my next blog…